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Live Report about Pink Concerts in Europe

Have you already visited one of Pink’s concerts in Europe? No? You still have a chance to change the situation because this incredible singer is on tour now. So you still have chances to see her live performance. In this review, we’ll talk about the emotions this extremely talented lady can give to her fans.

Recently, Pink gave a few concerts in European countries. When she arrives on stage at Wembley Stadium swinging from a sparkling chandelier, the audience was shocked. It was more than a simple concert; it was a real performance her fans will remember until the end of their lives.

Definitely, she paused for breath, but it is awesome how energetic and mischievous she is. Such songs as “Give me a reason’, or ‘Just Like Fire’ heat the crowd. Moreover, it was the greatest performance, full of empowering throwbacks.

The key mission of this talented lady is to encourage love; no matter how old people are and what religion they exercise.

Pink is a very strong woman and she is not ashamed of this. The entire stadium was lit up by the phone lights. Moreover, Pink is not an ordinary rock star. Her goal is to give emotions, unforgettable emotions and she perfectly completed this mission! She interacted with her fans, hugged them and signed arms and disks.

Her daughter also participated in this show; she was one of the dancers. Seems like the citizens of London will remember this day until the end of their lives.

We can tell the same about the concert in Germany, which took place last week. In this country, Pink also amazed the audience by her acrobatic stunts, fascinating performance, and great emotions. Though this woman is a strong lady, she knows how to make the show that you will remember until the end of your life.

There’s one more thing you need to know about Pink concert in London. One of her fans gave birth to her child right before the show. A woman bought a ticket and came to the concert to hear the voice of her favorite singer but she didn’t manage to do this. Her baby didn’t let his mummy enjoy the show! This woman is happy that everything is okay with her baby, but she is a little bit disappointed because she missed the show of her favorite singer.

All in all, Pink is a talented lady, whose concerts are definitely worth seeing. You won’t forget them until the end of your life!