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Good News for Pink Fans

Having released the third album, a famous British singer Pink went in the third concert tour, which is called Pink Live 2018-2019. Millions of fans all over the globe are waiting for this news and are not going to waste a chance to see one of the concerts of this brilliant singer. However, to visit one of her concerts, you need to find Pink tickets. Even if you are the fan of this well-known singer, hardly you wish to overpay, buying Pink tickets 2018.

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A Business Success of the Album “25”

Almost at once after the album has been released, it has got a number of positive testimonials from the music critics and various internet portals. In the words of a singer, a new album was dedicated to her 25 anniversary. In this album, the singer tells about her achievements, her life. She wants to show the audience whom she was before and whom she became now. The first single “Hello” became the first one in all hit parades. This song immediately acquired millions of fans.

The previous album “21” also became a sensation. Besides, this album was considered to be the best one of 2011 and entered the Guinness Book of Records. Such songs as Hello, Skyfall, Someone like you and Rumour has it are still regarded as the ones and didn’t lose its popularity. Millions of sold discs and leading positions of all music charts prove the fact that this singer is beloved by the audience.

If you are the fan of this talented singer, you are obliged to attend one of her concerts where you can get only positive emotions and feel her soul. Our ticket service will be glad to help you get Pink tickets 2018-2019. We guarantee that you will get only original tickets. Besides, in case you cannot visit a concert, we guarantee you money back. Not every company, offering Pink tickets for sale can guarantee you this. We are a reputable service, offering only original Pink 2016 tickets.

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